The fight for the area of Tampere began on 28 March, on the eve of Easter 1918, later called "Bloody Maundy Thursday in the Kalevankangas cemetery. 93 Most POWs were paroled or pardoned by the end of 1918, after a shift in the political situation. About 39,000 people, of whom 36,000 were Finns, perished in the conflict. The vanguard of the Finnish Jägers and German weaponry arrived in Finland during OctoberNovember 1917 on the Equity freighter and the German U-boat UC-57 ; around 50 Jägers had returned by the end of 1917. 2132, Vares 1998,. . 155159, 203225, Haapala 2014,. . The battle was minor but strategically important as it cut the connection between the western and eastern Red Guards. The socio-economic condition and education of the population had gradually improved, as well as national thinking and cultural life had awakened. 90118 The Russian Navy in Helsinki harbour remained neutral during the battle and the fleet sailed to Kronstadt during 1013 April as a consequence of 5 April German-Russian Hanko agreement. The socialists were skeptical about sovereignty under conservative rule, but they feared a loss of support among nationalistic workers, particularly after having promised increased national liberty through the "Law of Supreme Power".

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(ed.) Itsenäistymisen vuodet 19171920, III Katse tulevaisuuteen, Helsinki: Valtion painatuskeskus,. . 264342, Ketola 1987,. . 1530, Kalela 2008b,. . 264291, Lackman 2009,. . 242250, Alapuro 1988,. . Since the end of the 19th century, the Grand Duchy had become a vital source of raw materials, industrial products, food and labour for the growing Imperial Russian capital Petrograd (modern Saint Petersburg and World War I emphasised that role. 18 The autonomous status of was returned to the Finns by the March 1917 manifesto of the Russian Provisional Government. 250288, 416449, Kalela 2008a,. . 151171 Keränen. 5189 Manninen* 1993a,. . The White Army lost 700900 men, including 50 Jägers, the highest number of deaths the Jäger battalion suffered in a single battle of the 1918 war. 465533, isbn Paavolainen, Jaakko (1966 Poliittiset väkivaltaisuudet Suomessa 1918, I Punainen terrori, Helsinki: Tammi Paavolainen, Jaakko (1967 Poliittiset väkivaltaisuudet Suomessa 1918, II Valkoinen terrori, Helsinki: Tammi Paavolainen, Jaakko (1971 Vankileirit Suomessa 1918, Helsinki: Tammi, isbn Pekkalainen, Tuulikki (2014 Lapset sodasssa 1918. 191200, 453460, Eerola Eerola 1998, National Archive of Finland 2004 Archived t the Wayback Machine, Roselius 2004,. . 216250, issn 0357-816X Lappalainen, Jussi.

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Parliament of Finland. 62144, Roselius 2006,. . 251267, Keränen. After the February Revolution, political authority descended to the street level: mass meetings, strike organisations and worker-soldier councils on the left and to active organisations of employers on the right, all serving to undermine the authority of the state. The position of rural workers worsened after the end of the nineteenth century, as farming became more efficient and market-oriented, and the development of industry was insufficiently vigorous to fully utilise the rapid population growth of the countryside. 269274 Ylikangas 1993a,. . White troops tried to capture the shipment: 2030 Finns, Red and White, died in the Battle of Kämärä at the Karelian Isthmus on 48 The Finnish rivalry for power had culminated. The battle ended with the surrender of Red forces in the Pyynikki and Pispala sections of Tampere. The weakness of Russia inspired an idea of Greater Finland among the expansionist factions of both the right and left: the Reds had claims concerning the same areas.

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